Ted Canova On Media     

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Ted isn't sure what sparked his curiosity but we know it started when he was young.

  • At 11, he would call in to radio sports shows to ask a question.
  • At 14, he was delivering newspapers and writing letters to the editor about the president and lobbyists.
  • By 18, he was a college reporter covering bare-knuckle politics at Boston City Hall and the Massachusetts State House.
  • In his first "real" job, Ted was reporting in New Hampshire, interviewing all the presidential candidates in the year leading up to the nation's first primary. 

Throughout his career, Ted has been at the forefront of news coverage; leading newsrooms, mentoring journalists and winning national awards, including an Edward R. Murrow and Clarion as Executive Editor for an investigative series on human trafficking. Ted is also an award winning anchor who led 21 hours of live unscripted coverage during the Boston Marathon bombings and manhunt. 

Today, Ted is immersed in digital storytelling with his latest projects The Tour and the Front Porch Movement.