Ted Canova On Media     

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Ted Canova is an award-winning, major market News Director and Executive Editor who has transformed newsrooms by focusing on quality coverage, innovative production, and irresistible storytelling. He has led high-performing teams of reporters, producers, videographers, and managers win daily news coverage and produce ground-breaking investigative series.

Ted's unique blend of strategic thinking and creativity leads to new approaches, innovates new formats and programs, and helps journalists stand out. 

Ted knows journalists can no longer rely on one form of storytelling. That's why even as a newsroom leader, Ted created his civic engagement project the Front Porch Movement where he interviews people, hosts podcasts, produces short-form videos, and leads social media engagement. 

His latest digital project is The Tour, a podcast he created and hosts with musicians who have shaped our life and inspire our future.

Visit Ted's portfolio to watch, listen to, and read his work.